Upton by Chester United Reformed Church

Upton-by-Chester United Reformed Church

God's Love is for all. Our mission is to show it, share it, live it.

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Our Minister Rev Ruth Wilson

Ruth was ordained as Minister of Word and Sacraments in September 2015 after completing 4 years training and Westminster College, Cambridge which included a year on placement under supervision of an ordained minister. For twelve months she ministered to 3 churches in Cambridgeshire.



"In my role as Minister of Word and Sacraments I am seeking to demonstrate the good news of the Gospel message in a way that is open to eveyone and that 21st Century society can relate to.  I will be working for, with and alongside other church members to pass this message on to all whom we meet, as we seek to minister to our community."



I believe the gospel message of grace, love and hope should be shared at every opportunity not solely through preaching and teaching but by being living examples and through non-judgemental welcoming of all who seek to know Christ.  Social justice, equality and welcome are areas I feel particularly called.



I am a fully trained Street Pastor and was a volunteer at the local Foodbank in Cambridgeshire.



I believe that a church should be open to everyone and as Christians we should be expressing this in our welcome, ministry and engagement with the local community."